December 2021

This Winter, escape the cold and enjoy a warm welcome on MSC Bellissima, as you set off for a unique Saudi Arabia & Red Sea adventure. We have an incredible itinerary for you: the vibrant city of Jeddah, King Abdullah Economic City, Yanbu and the fascinating historic sites of Hegra and AlUla. Finally, the stunning city of Petra, which can be reached from the port of Aqaba. With such stunning destinations, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


From King Abdullah Economic City, head to the holy city Medina, home to The Prophet's Mosque, or Al-Masjid An-Nabawi. Discover the area's rich cultural heritage in the Dar Al Madinah Museum, then join a coach tour and enjoy the city sights. Finally, you’ll stop at a local farm where you can sample the local dates. If you just want to relax, just grab your towel and sunscreen, join a beach tour and relax in the sun.


The port of Yanbu is a gateway to some of the area's most extraordinary historic sites. Take the recently discovered Hegra - a hidden gem lost in the desert for centuries. You’ll be captivated by the beautifully preserved tombs, carved from gigantic rock formations and decorated with mythical figures. Then explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of AlUla, an evocative maze of alleyways, dominated by a beautiful 10th-century citadel and surrounded by an ancient oasis. If that wasn’t enough you will have the chance to visit the famous Elephant Rock.


From the port of Aqaba, you will head north through the desert to reach another stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site - the city of Petra, carved into the pretty pink sandstone over 2000 years ago. After a fascinating walk in the Siq - a narrow natural canyon, you can explore the beauty of this place they call the Red Rose City. With its colonnaded architecture, amphitheatre and royal tombs, you will leave with wonderful memories to treasure.


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