Find out more about our amazing selection of cocktails, drinks, beers, wine and more

May 2022


From espresso to the most creative cocktails, from Champagne to healthy drinks. The 460 bars of our fleet are one of the most popular attractions of our ships, meeting places where you can have a relaxing break or try new exciting flavors thanks to the creativity and skills of our bar tenders.

On the occasion of the World Cocktail day on May 13th, we’re meeting Mr Svetozar Zdravkov, Bar Manager on board MSC Seaside.


First of all, tell us about you – your origins, your studies, your career and, of course, your passion about bartending.

“I am from Montana, Bulgaria, where my lovely wife and my two amazing kids live. I graduated from International Tourism College in Varna, Bulgaria, and in 1998 embarked as a barboy. I went through all the carrier steps and became Bar Manager 20 years ago. I love everything about Bartending. From being everybody’s best friend and a good listener, to being a scientist by mixing, inventing and creating new drinks that would surprise my guests and make them happy. That is and has always been the highest satisfaction and fulfillment for me personally, also when I was a bartender in the past, a step of my carrier I will be forever proud of.”



Together with pools and restaurants, bars are the busiest and most popular places on board. How does the bar list cater to the needs of the many different guests we welcome on board? Is there something also for our younger guests?

“We have an amazing international drinks selection, that enable us to meet the requests of the most demanding guests. We have a neverending selection of drinks! For the kids we have a lovely selection of Non-Alcoholic drinks and a dedicated kid’s corner with delights such as snacks, candies like marshmallow skewers. We also have delicious gelatos, milkshakes, soft served ice creams and granitas.”



There are so many different bars on our ships, and no one is the same as another. One of the most peculiar ones is surely the Champagne bar. Can you tell us what makes it so special?

“What’s better than having a fine champagne with the loved one, accompanied either with our Royal Caviar or with oysters for an unforgettable experience in the middle of the ocean. You will bring home the memory of a lifetime! Our guests also have the option to enjoy and savor our Champagne cocktails. Have you ever tried a cocktail made from fine French Champagnes with roses, hibiscus flower or even peppercorn? If you wish to see the life in pink, give it a go! We will prepare for you “La Vie En Rose” cocktail, a Chambord Royale, a French Kiss and more!”



On the other hand, what would you suggest for an easy-going evening with friends?

“We have the best place for all guests who want to watch a big game enjoying the exclusivity of one of our booths in our typical American style bar! They will have a great time while they quench their thirst with an ice-cold beer chosen among over 40 International beers and 12 kinds of draft beers from all over the world, as well as wines and cocktail selection.”



Is there anything for those who want to combine the pleasure of a drink with a healthy lifestyle?

“Of course! Our Wellness Bar is the place to be! Energize yourself with our healthy drinks before and after your daily routine. Our fresh smoothies are based on fresh apples, citrus, tropical fruits, berries and greens. Moreover, we have so many amazing shakes in our menu, such as Mango energy shake, chocolate mint, protein shake and vanilla whey protein.”



With such a huge variety of drinks and cocktails available on board, our guests are really spoilt for choice! What’s the best place to have a special cocktail on board MSC Seaside?

“Definitely our Mixology Bar. The mission of our mixologists is to get the cocktail just right, to add a touch of magic to every recipe, to surprise everyone and continually inventing new and original drinks. Our smoked cocktails, premium mixed drinks, adventurous and crafted cocktail will never disappoint and amaze our guests with their magic mixture of mist, cloud and smoke!”



Let’s talk about wine, an all-time favourite for many of our guests. What’s available for wine-lovers onboard?

“Traditionally, wine has always been linked to the ritual of dining and consumed mostly during the meals. Nowadays, a glass of wine (or champagne!) has become a favourite all-day drink. Wine is perfect as an aperitif or simply to enjoy a moment of relaxation. We have over 220 wine labels on board including over 30 excellent wines by the glass available in our bars and a special selection of the most exclusive labels for a unique wine-connoisseurs experience in Yacht Club, Speciality Restaurants and Wine Bars.”



Wine, beers, champagne, cocktails… and all served to thousands of people every day. How many people work in the many bars on board MSC Seaside and how many drinks are served on an average 7-nights cruise? What’s the most popular drink onboard? 

"Our Bar Department consist of 120 people who take care of the whole business. We serve approximately 200,000 drinks in an average 7-days cruise, as well as 9300 bottles of beers, 4700 bottles of red wine and over 1800 bottles of champagne. Fleetwide we normally serve about 125 million drinks per year! The most popular cocktail? The drink of the moment is definitely the Aperol Spritz, prepared with Aperol and Prosecco. This, along with other fancy spritz-cocktails, is among our top-5 sellers.”