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Nature – undisputed protagonist

Molde is the most highly populated city in Norway which you can visit during your MSC cruise of Northern Europe.
When you get to the city centre, you could visit the Romsdal museum where there is a model of a part of town as it was before the second world war and in which there were 35 buildings built between the 16th and 19th centuries.

You can see for yourself on this vacation whether Norway has changed much or little! From Molde, a footpath takes you through the natural landscape to the panoramic viewpoint of Varden (407 metres a.s.l.) from where you can see the whole town and the splendid Romsdalsfjord. From Varden you have a full view of all 222 peaks, covered in snow all year round, that crown this area protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

If you want to reach one of the most beautiful and wild settings found in these latitudes, during your MSC cruise, you can climb up Mount Romsdalseggen. The view is breath taking: mountains, waterfalls and rivers will appear in front of your eyes at every turn of direction; in order to allow everyone to take this excursion, different routes have been organized for both experts and families. And don’t miss the troll references: like the Trollstigen mountain road, one of the most popular routes amongst visitors or the majestic peaks and the Stigfossen Falls that seem to irrigate the Isterdalen valley.

Half way between Trollstigen and the centre of Valldal, stop in Gudbrandsjuvet, a spectacular group of maelstroms about 5 metres wide and 20 metres deep that takes its name from the legendary outlaw who dived into it with the woman he had just kidnapped. Finally you reach the Face of the Troll, the largest vertical escarpment in Europe: 1,800 metres high to admire from the best viewpoint and picnic area not far from Åndalsnes.

Must see places in Molde

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    This excursion is a must for all nature lovers. After a short coach ride through the city of Molde, also known as the “Town of Roses”, you will reach the Varden vantage point. From there, you will follow a 1-hour nature-hiking trail downwards and through the shady forest to reach the café. After a welcome break for a cup of coffee and svele, a type of Norwegian pastry that is both nourishing and tasty, you will visit the Romsdal Open Air Folk Museum. You will have time to enjoy the attractions of this special place before continuing your trekking adventure. Do not forget to bring your camera to capture the delightful scenery and interesting exhibits at the museum on film. The tour concludes with a 40-minute walk back to the ship including a photo stop at Rekenshaugen viewpoint. Please note: limited number of guides in languages other than NORlish. Should a tour guide for your language be unavailable, the tour will be in NORlish only. As this is a physically strenuous tour, it is not suitable for guests with heart or mobility problems.;

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    Despite its northern location, the sea port of Molde enjoys a comparatively mild climate due to the warm Atlantic gulf stream and the town's sheltered mountain location. Molde has been rebuilt twice, first after a fire in 1916 and again after heavy bombing during World War II. Your enjoyable sightseeing tour of this lovely city includes a visit to the open-air folk museum. You will also pass by the city hall, which is renowned for its beautiful rose garden. You will also be able to enjoy lovely views over the city from the Varden vantage point. Be sure to take your camera and seize the opportunity to capture the splendour of the scenery on film for posterity – and your family album. The tour concludes with your return journey back to the port and your ship. Please note: limited number of guides in languages other than English. Should a tour guide for your language be unavailable, the tour will be in English only. This excursion is not suitable for guests with walking difficulties or using a wheelchair.

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      7 h

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    Your day on the trail of the Vikings begins with a coach ride through Norway’s awe-inspiring mountainscape, taking you past such scenic jewels as Frænfjorden, the pretty fishing village of Bud and on to some WWII fortifications for a photo stop. Taking the Hustadvika coastal road will then see you join the Atlantic Ocean Road, a series of causeways that link small islets and skerries. Another brief photo stop follows, after which you’ll move on again, crossing the goat island of Geitøya to reach the spot from which a 15-minute crossing will take you to the island of Håholmen, “Viking central”. You’ll be sailing on a true reconstruction of the Saga Siglar, the replica Viking ship with which Ragnar Thorseth – the owner of the now restored historical fishing community of Håholmen – circumnavigated the world from 1986 to 1987. After watching a video on Thorseth’s voyages, you’ll have lunch at one of the cosy restaurants, followed by a look around the picturesque village. The return route to Molde then delivers further fabulous views, passing Kornstadfjorden and Eide on the way. Please note: limited number of guides in languages other than English. Should a tour guide for your language be unavailable, the tour will be in English only. As the tour involves negotiating several steps to get on and off the boat, it is considered to be unsuitable for guests with mobility problems or using a wheelchair. In the event of rough weather, the crossing to Håholmen will be on a regular boat, not the Saga Siglar reconstruction.

The excursions in the programme are intended to provide MSC Guests with an idea of the different tours that can be arranged in each port of call; this programme is merely a guide and confirmation of each excursion and its description and prices will be made during your cruise. 
Shore excursions programs and itineraries may vary depending on local conditions and/or any unforeseen events in relation to the timing on the day of the tour.
Some excursions are very popular and therefore availability cannot always be guaranteed, it is advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment. The guides are guaranteed in English. Only for South America cruises, the guides are guaranteed in Brazilian Portuguese. Narration in other languages depends on the availability of guides. Please note that the final language of the tour will be confirmed on board during the cruise.


The magic of the northern lights
The magic of the northern lights

A holiday in Norway is a dream. A dream along a fjord, the most evocative and characteristic natural formation of this land.

The Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord are listed as part of UNESCOs World Heritage Sites, but it's also worth mentioning the longest of all the Fjords, the 204 km long Sognefjordas well as the Hardangerfjord where cherry and apple blossoms can be seen on the cliff-side during spring.

But a Northern Europe MSC cruise also means experiencing the spectacular beauty of the Northern lights; while those of you who travel in the summer can admire the spectacular midnight sun, once north of the Arctic Circle. A cruise to Norway also means discovering the culture of two ancient populations: the Vikings, not just pirates and warriors, but merchants, explorers and colonisers who, for over three hundred years until the 11th century governed Scandinavia and the northern Atlantic: and then, the Samis, the natives of these lands, dressed in multicoloured clothes with immense herds of reindeer, who have lived in the deep North for more than 10,000 years.

Finally, watch out for the Trolls! Many of the places you will visit are named after these legendary creatures: Trollheimen, Trollstigen (with the spectacular Troll’s path), Trollhatten and Trollveggen.