bruno zaza, corporate pastry chef at msc cruises gives us a sneak peek at the entirely new pastry experience onboard!

September 2021


Bruno, could you tell me a little about your career?


I fell in love with the art of pâtisserie as a young teenager in my home town of Grenoble and I knew instinctively that I wanted my passion to become a career. I threw myself wholeheartedly into my apprenticeship at a local pastry shop and the early 4am starts never stopped my pursuit and motivation to learn and improve my skills. 

After obtaining a culinary diploma in 1988 of “Patissier, Chocolatier Confiseur Et Glacier” in my home country of France I built up my experience locally for a number of years, then joined the French Navy as a pastry chef.


How did you come to the cruise industry?


When I was in the French Navy I used to gaze at cruise ships sailing by the military base in the port of Toulon and I used to think, “I’m sure there is a pastry chef on board that luxury liner and I’d love to one day serve my recipes on such ships.”  Following my military service I moved to Egypt to join the cruise industry. 


How long have you been with MSC Cruises? 


I joined the MSC Cruises family in May 2005 and became the company’s first corporate pastry chef, creating the line’s pastry and bakery sections from scratch. 

It’s demanding, challenging and hard work.  But I wouldn’t swap it for anything.  Every season we push ourselves to offer something fresh, different and tasty for our guests.


Please tell me about the revolutionised pastry programme!


We’re currently developing an entirely new pastry experience for our guests who dine in our main restaurants, Yacht Club and buffet areas.  We’ll look to increase the variety and quality of pastry in our dietary restricted desserts to include new vegan, lactose free and no sugar added options.  We’ll also increase the range of desserts on offer, and will review of our buffet set up so we can enhance the dessert line here too. Our next project is a live desert station!


What do cruise guests usually expect in pastry and how are you changing that?


The guests expect a wide range of desserts and sweets each and every day during their holiday cruise and we provide that, of course.  They also want to have a twinkle in their eye and see something that has that element of surprise. At MSC Cruises we work hard, and I believe we succeed, to provide such moments of culinary beauty.

The dessert is the last course of any meal so my team are tasked with offering figuratively and literally, the icing on the cake!