an interview with guido borgobello, executive chef
onboard msc seaside

Good Morning! First things first, tell us a little about yourself!


Good Morning! My name is Guido Borgobello. I’m originally from Italy where I worked in hotels and restaurants before I joined MSC Cruises where I’ve been working for the last 24 years. I have worked on board all classes of MSC ship, and I’ve been on board MSC Seaside since March 2021.


What does it mean to be the Executive Chef onboard MSC Seaside?


Basically speaking, it means being responsible for all the food prepared and served on board. Our onboard main restaurants will always give you a wide choice of high-quality cuisine with a different menu selection every day, from international to the best Mediterranean food. Onboard MSC Seaside we also have five sophisticated speciality restaurants to choose from with signature dishes like the Ocean Cay, Teppanyaki, Pan Asian and Sushi restaurants or the American style steakhouse, Butcher’s Cut.


What, in your opinion, are the highlights of dining onboard MSC Seaside?


There really is so much choice that I find it hard to decide! We have nine different restaurants on board, all special in their own way. I think the highlight for me would probably be that you can enjoy fantastic sea views while enjoying excellent quality and varied cuisines.


How many staff members does it take to run the show?


There are 150 cooks working in the gallery alone! Add to that the waiters and buffet staff, and we are certainly a very large team! This goes to show just how much importance MSC Cruises places on providing an excellent dining experience for our guests.


How have things had to change since the pandemic outbreak?


Nothing changed in our production process in the galley, especially because our health, safety and hygiene standards have always been top-notch. What has changed the most is the guest experience. We have adapted our service and seating layouts to allow for social distancing, and all meals and drinks will be served at your table. At the buffet restaurant all food will be plated and served by our crew and for a contactless experience guests can access restaurant and bar menus from their personal mobile device by conveniently scanning QR codes.


If you had to eat one dish from the menu of any of the restaurants every day for the rest of your life, which would it be and why should all guests onboard try it?


I’m a vegetarian so I’d probably have to go one of the pan-fried spicy noodles available in the Pan Asian restaurant. Fresh, crunchy veg, tofu and forest mushrooms and just the right amount of kick: what a treat!